OpenELEC build

May 12, 2012

Whilst getting to grips with the RaspberryPI I’ve been having a play at building some operating systems and a system, which I made for, to check and compare a few casino operators with online slot machines.

A couple of people have asked me for this one, so here’s a DD image for it (can write it with Win32DiskImager)

Download – note : moved to DropBox for bandwidth reasons – (and write it in the same way you would any image (so in *nix use DD and in Windows use Win32DiskImager)

I’ve set it up so it (should) fit on a 1gb SD. But obviously use GParted or MiniTool (might) be able to extend the EXT4 second partition.

First boot will take a while (so be patient) after that it should work nicely. There is a bug with the IMDB plugin (ill look into it).

This version is using Eden (XBMC), but I’m looking at getting Frodo (XBMC) up and running.

Let me know if you need anything else.

SSH enabled
Username : root
Password : openelec

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